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Erick Higuera was born and grew up in the south central part of Mexico, and he’s always had a deep passion for the ocean and all of its inhabitants. In 1997 he moved to Baja, Mexico, where he earned a college degree in Marine Biology, while also obtaining scuba instructor ratings with SSI, TDI and PADI. Since then he has acquired many years of experience diving and exploring the waters of the Sea of Cortez, Guadalupe Island, the Revillagigedo Islands (better known as Socorro Islands) and the Mexican Pacific, filming and photographing their sea creatures. Erick has also been for a long time a diving instructor and a crew member on board the luxury live-aboard dive vessel Solmar V and part of the Great White Adventures Team and Shark Film Crew.

During all this time he has seen how sharks and mantas populations in the Sea of Cortes have been depleted due to uncontrolled illegal fishing, especially in marine protected areas, therefore, he has became passionate about sharing his experiences in the ocean and with increasing the awareness of the marine environment through his work with everyone he meets.

As an underwater filmmaker and professional cameraman he has made several short films, to show and share with the world the amazing and beautiful creatures that inhabit the waters that surround the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico, with the express purpose of increasing the awareness and importance of preserving all the marine life that is still there, and in particular those that are most threatened.

Erick has been awarded by Beneath The Sea, Beneath The Waves Film Festival, Ocean Geographic Pictures of The Year and by the 37th Donostia-San Sebastian International Submarine Film Festival for his visually stunning film entitled "Baja". Since 2006 Erick has also been conducting research on photo-identification, abundance estimate, site fidelity, and movement patterns of the Pacific Giant Mantas (Manta birostris) in the Revillagigedo’s Archipelago, with the main objective to support the effective protection of the Archipelago.

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Erick Higuera Marine Photography is a stock agency focusing on the marine environment mainly in the Sea of Cortes, Mexican Pacific, Guadalupe Island and the Archipelago of Revillagidedo. The collection of photos and footage includes marine mammals (whales, dolphins, pinnipeds), fishes (sharks and rays, schooling fishes, baitballs, tropical and temperate reef species), sea turtles, marine invertebrates, scuba diving, and other themes from coral reefs, kelp forest, intertidal and open ocean habitats. Specialties include humpback whales, great white sharks, schooling sharks, pacific giant mantas, mobula rays, sea lions, bottlenose dolphins and pelagic species.

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